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Pamela Sud is currently a joint MPP/MBA degree candidate at Harvard Business School/Harvard Kennedy School.

Indentured Servitude, or New Way to Pay for College?

A few months back I wrote a controversial post I wrote about Lumni, a social enterprise based in Colombia that provides financing for low-income college students in Latin America in exchange for a % of the students future earnings for … Continue reading

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Diagnosing Malaria with a Smartphone

Can smartphones help save lives?  According to a recent Workplace Evolution post, your smartphone could be used to diagnose malaria from anywhere in the world. The software, designed by a team of graduate students, made it to the national finals of Microsoft’s Imagine … Continue reading

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It’s Time for an Emerging Economy Leader to take the IMF Reigns

With Dominique Strauss-Kahn (DSK) not even yet resigned, the race to replace him has already begun.  The Europeans, despite their rhetoric of “breaking the lock” by the industrialized countries on the top jobs at the World Bank (the United States) … Continue reading

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ARV Treatment Marketing at Its Best

This award-winning Topsy Foundation advertisement features Selinah, an HIV/AIDS sufferer who was filmed over a period of 90 days. Directed by Kim Geldenhuys and produced by Egg Films, it illustrates  the ravaging effects of her disease being reversed through the administration … Continue reading

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Waiting for Marshmallows

In the 1960s, Stanford University pyschologist Michael Mischel conducted the famous ‘marshmallow study’ demonstrating a correlation between a child’s ability to delay immediate gratification and that same child to achieve positive education and health outcomes later in life.  Is this study … Continue reading

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A New Vision of India?

In India Calling, Anand Giridharas painted a tepidly optimistic picture of what he describes as a complex process unfolding in India – a process of reinventing the self, a coming of modernity, and a deviation from traditional societal norms of … Continue reading

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Bringing Liquidity and Exit Opportunities to Social Enterprise?

Last week, Ben Elberger wrote an insightful post about the need for more social impact investing on the equity side of the equation.  There is certainly a need to find investment models that would attract mainstream commercial investors to the … Continue reading

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