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An early Christmas present: strides toward eradicating malaria?

The development impact blog summarizes encouraging recent progress toward eliminating malaria. Regular readers will be aware of the growing body of evidence indicating that early-life malaria exposure significantly stunts education and wages for people’s entire lies. Thus this potentially huge … Continue reading

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A Historical Argument Against Paid Organ Donation: Plasmapheresis and HIV

Alex Tabarrok of Marginal Revolution links to a very compelling case for paying organ donors, made by Alexander Berger in a New York Times op-ed. The counter-argument has always been that this will lead to the exploitation of people, especially … Continue reading

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Taking a stand for international gay rights

This week U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton announced that the U.S. would fight for gay rights throughout the world, stating “it should never be a crime to be gay” regardless of a country’s culture or religious practices. In many … Continue reading

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