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The famine in the Horn of Africa is not because of food shortages

Via texas in africa, Edward R. Carr explains what we know about the cause of the burgeoning famine in Somalia: The long and short of it is that food insecurity is rarely about absolute supplies of food – mostly it … Continue reading

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Horrific civil rights abuses and HIV prevention in Cuba

Human rights advocates often militate against things like mandatory HIV testing, or government records that link names to HIV test results, because they worry that such practices will lead to abuses of those who are infected with the virus. I … Continue reading

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Where the world is still lit by fire

Africa smells like woodfires. It’s a smell that I caught the first evening I was in Lilongwe, alone in the front yard of the Circumcision House, and it jumped me back seven years to the time I spent in Arusha. … Continue reading

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Fact check: Malawi really does have just 30,000 college graduates

I recently downloaded the entire 10% sample of the 2008 Malawi census from IPUMS. This is partly out of general curiosity about living standards here – for example, only 7.6 percent of the country has piped water (and only 3% … Continue reading

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Why don’t Malawians (typically) use financial services?

Jessica Goldberg gave a thorough response to my last post about financial services in Malawi. I strongly encourage anybody interested in the topic to read the whole thing – lots of her research is on exactly this topic, and she … Continue reading

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A strangely socialist fetish for finance

Yesterday was July 7th, which according to Malawi’s somewhat mysterious accounting rules marked the end of the month. That means one thing: payday, and therefore lines of dozens to hundreds of people at the bank. Once a month basically every … Continue reading

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