Diagnosing Malaria with a Smartphone

Can smartphones help save lives?  According to a recent Workplace Evolution post, your smartphone could be used to diagnose malaria from anywhere in the world.

The software, designed by a team of graduate students, made it to the national finals of Microsoft’s Imagine Cup 2011, and the team is hoping to win the competition this July.

The prototype is a Windows 7-equipped Samsung Focus smart phone modified with a microscopic camera lens. The software takes a picture of a blood sample, and can identify clusters of malaria in the sample. It draws a red box around them, and notifies you how many clusters are in the blood.

The data can also be uploaded to help track disease trends, and the team is also working on developing similar applications to diagnose sickle cell and other diseases.


About Pamela Sud

Pamela Sud is currently a joint MPP/MBA degree candidate at Harvard Business School/Harvard Kennedy School.
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