Why blog about development?

dadakim makes the case for the value of blogging, pointing out the way in which it can lead to serendipitous connections between people and spark fruitful conversations (apologies for any bad formatting, I’m writing this from my phone at Detroit airport).

I’ve certainly found this to be true even in the limited time I’ve been writing for ML. But Kim’s piece is even better because it proves its own point – Kim and I volunteered for the same organization back in 2004 (SIC), an experience which helped send me down the career path that currently has me headed to Malawi to run a study on sexual behavior and HIV prevention. Just the other day Audrey Desiderato (another mutual friend through SIC) mentioned that Kim was doing research in Malawi. After following some links on haba na haba it’s clear that we share tons of mutual friends and acquaintances doing who do research there (although I’m a true newbie compared with her).

Speaking of research my own posts here will be somewhat sparser for the next few months as I am busy with fieldwork and then facing down prelims. I hope to still put something up once every couple weeks, however, and I’m going to look into setting up Twitter mainly for my mom’s peace of mind. (: You can also count on regular posts from the rest of the ML team.

Hat tip: Chris Blattman [and Audrey]


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One Response to Why blog about development?

  1. Audrey says:

    The SIC network lives on!

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