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Why blog about development?

dadakim makes the case for the value of blogging, pointing out the way in which it can lead to serendipitous connections between people and spark fruitful conversations (apologies for any bad formatting, I’m writing this from my phone at Detroit … Continue reading

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Carbon credits to monetize the LifeStraw? Really?

FastCompany just posted some news that LifeStraw is massively distributing (aka dumping) LifeStraws to people in Kenya for free. Why are they doing this? Apparently because they made a deal with a carbon credit company. Without mentioning any empirical proof … Continue reading

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HIV Education Thought of the Day

As activists and passionate people we like to think that we can make a huge difference in preventing disease through awareness efforts. Witness the increasingly-ridiculous facebook status updates in support of breast cancer prevention, for example, but also the general … Continue reading

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ARV Treatment Marketing at Its Best

This award-winning Topsy Foundation advertisement features Selinah, an HIV/AIDS sufferer who was filmed over a period of 90 days.┬áDirected by Kim Geldenhuys and produced by Egg Films, it illustrates ┬áthe ravaging effects of her disease being reversed through the administration … Continue reading

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Alternative models to funding social impact

Funding of social services typically comes from philanthropic grants, taxes (to fund grants or to fund government-run services), or user fees. I recently heard a lecture given by folks from FIMRC, which features a business model that is less common. … Continue reading

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Taxes and economic growth

This recent paper by Djankov, Schleifer, et al. provides some of the first hard, cross-country evidence that higher tax rates decrease investment. Investment, especially foreign direct investment (FDI), is a major driver of economic growth, so this is a big … Continue reading

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Feel Better About Your Deductions

If my previous post on the perils of tax-deductible charitable donations didn’t scare you away from giving to non-profits, below is a list of MethodLogical’s favorite development and global health organizations, along with reasons why our contributors support them: Jason … Continue reading

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