A Match Day post on medical education

This post is a mish-mash, but it’s centered around medical education in developing countries:

1) I really found Salman Khan’s talk at TED (below) to be quite provocative. He discussed his online learning organization, Khan Academy, demonstrating how it really enhances the learning experience. I think there are fantastic implications for how he “flips the class” to make medical education, especially in developing countries, more accessible, more effective, and more competency-based.

2) I recently heard the following astounding number on brain drain: “For every doctor who emigrates, a country loses about US$ 517,931 worth of returns from investment.” This is a ridiculous number – I hope Jason can comment on if the economic analysis arriving at that number is valid – but even if it is double the true value, I really do believe there are serious implications for healthcare workforce training and for broader international rules. On the latter, I am not positioned to make any comments. But I do believe that this figure further enhances the case for training workers that are less likely to leave, specifically frontline healthcare workers like community health worker programs operated by Partners in Health, Tiyatien Health, BRAC, and Jamkhed. All three programs are slightly different but, anecdotally brain drain has not been an issue at all.

3) Final thought: happy Match Day to all you matching this year in the US!

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