Global Health/Development Links

Two great global health/development related pieces I came across today:
  1. Marginal Revolution has an awesome graph of income inequality across and within countries. It’s somewhat confusing at first but read Tabarrok’s explanation below. The take-home message: the poorest 5% of Americans are among the richest 30% of all people in the world. This is pertinent to my debate with Andrew over the relevance of inequality – I’m still not sure inequality matters per se but it’s clearly incredibly motivating; the world is simply not fair and that is not okay.
  2. The NYT on the failure of Google.Org to change the world of philanthropy. The article highlights what I see as two factors that make non-profit work so hard: the lack of a simple metric for success (private firms can just look at profitability) and the bitter conflicts that arise because employees actually care passionately about what they’re doing instead of working for a paycheck.

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