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Pay the Poor

The Bangladeshi city of Chittagong has come up with an interesting way of getting rid of beggars: Paying them.  Read the full article from the BBC here. Advertisements

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Global Health/Development Links

Two great global health/development related pieces I came across today: Marginal Revolution has an awesome graph of income inequality across and within countries. It’s somewhat confusing at first but read Tabarrok’s explanation below. The take-home message: the poorest 5% of … Continue reading

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Aid Watch vs. The Girl Effect

The generally excellent and always interesting Aid Watch has another post today criticizing the Girl Effect. Their general point, which both their regular authors and guest contributors have tackled repeatedly, is that the Girl Effect treats women as means rather … Continue reading

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Can Satire Be True?

From our good friends at The Onion Gap Between Rich And Poor Named 8th Wonder Of The World PARIS—At a press conference Tuesday, the World Heritage Committee officially recognized the Gap Between Rich and Poor as the “Eighth Wonder of … Continue reading

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While an undergraduate, I used to volunteer with an adult literacy program at a nearby men’s homeless shelter. The weekly “lesson” topic was established by the shelter staff, and the student volunteers would prepare materials accordingly. These followed a Freireian … Continue reading

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Market-Based Solutions to International Development?

If you walk around the Harvard Business School, you can’t go more than 2 days without hearing certain buzz words: “market-based solutions,” “base of the pyramid business models,” and “social entrepreneurship” to name a few. The common theme is integrating … Continue reading

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The Other Middle Class

Foreign aid is a tricky thing. While it can often be a shining example of humanitarianism and compassion, it can also smack of real politik; who gives to whom, how much, and when is often more a reflection of geopolitical … Continue reading

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